5 best ways to earn money online in 2021


It’s very easy to earn money online. But the only problem is to identifying the site or program where you earn money. 
If there are 3Billion online money earning sites on internet, in that only a few sites will be legitimate. Many people just enter into all money earning websites and after completing the tasks or work for the company they’ll just simply ban you from their company. 
5 best ways to earn money online in 2021
5 best ways to earn money online
So it is necessary to identify and research about the company or website where you are going to work before you join. One of my friend has worked in a website called rupee4click where they’ll give you more money which you won’t expect. 
The only condition to redeem money from the website is the withdrawal amount threshold is ₹5000. But you can easily earn that payment threshold amount easily may be within 3 days you can earn. He also reached the threshold amount and request for withdrawal. Within 3 days the company removed his account from that site. 

So it is compulsory to research about the company before you work for someone. There are many sites on google which reveals about all money earning sites. A site called Glassdoor which show reviews and history of any company. 

Can I work online and make money?

Yeah!! I am sure that you can make money online easily. There are many legit sites which gives money for doing their simple tasks. You can also work as a freelancer in websites like freelancer, fiverr, toloka, people per hour and so on. 
Even affiliate marketing is one of the best way to earn money online. Een you can earn as a affiliate marketer from Amazon associates or from Flipkart affiliate program. 

Ways to earn money online

The web is the most economical however at that point the most rewarding compensation source that you can use to get cash online in India. Particularly all through the latest two years due to the pandemic spread, it has become just the HubSpot of the most un-troublesome and the most important systems to acquire cash. 
Also, the web based sorts of income don’t confine any person from acquiring cash subject to: 
  • Age 
  • Sex 
  • Educational capacities 
  • Then again language tendencies 
Essentially, whether or not you are a 16-year-old school understudy or a surrendered outfitted power official, the web has something or the other to help you with getting cash. Nevertheless, the aggregate you secure for the most part depends upon two parts. 
  • In any case, the amount of hours you spend dealing with the web. 
  • Likewise, also, the kind of effort that you are ready to put in. 
With online media promoting and adding to a blog being the current moving web based positions, others like reasonable arranging and record likewise enjoy their own benefits. In like manner, we should discuss 10 of these methods of getting cash online in India comprehensively to have a predominant idea.

Make video on youtube and earn money

Nowadays making money from youtube becomes a trend on people. Atleast 10 members have a youtube channel per street. But many of them just simply think that they can earn money just by uploading videos. But it is not true. You have to make atleast 5 videos per week and the patience is very important when you enter youtube partner program. 
Because many of them quit youtube as they don’t get views and subscribers. There are 3 conditions required to become a youtube partner.
  • Need 1000 subscribers within one year
  • Need 4000 total watch hours within one year
  • There should not be any community guidelines strike on your channel

Transcript and earn money

 This work needn’t bother with a ton planning or fitness. Any person who has a good listening cutoff and fast creating rate can do this. 
A transcriptionist basically changes over talk (live or recorded) into a message. Clinical specialists, finance chiefs, or legitimate districts require record organizations. To work in clinical or authentic fields, you needed a particular degree/presentation to be equipped for the position. 
However, to be a transcriptionist for an examiner or an essayist, no degree as such is required. You should be an incredibly expedient typist and have extraordinary request over the language being alluded to so you don’t end up focusing on comparable sound for a significant long time. Remember that you will gain on every hour reason of sound so don’t waste an entire day on single sound.

Write blog posts and earn money

Writing blogs and earning money is one of the easiest way to earn money. Many of them are earning money from bloging.
It is easy to create a website or blog. You can either create a website on blogger or wordpress. My recommendation is to start from blogger as it is easy to use and a free hosting provider.
But wordpress is a paid platform where you have pay for their hosting service each month. If you have money and confidence that you can work on wordpress you can create it in wordpress. 
You can earn money from your blog or website by the ads showing on your site.
You can apply for publisher account on any of the ad network. But the highest paying ad network is google adsense. If you got rejected from adsense you can  go for alternative ad network like Taboola, media.net and infolinks.  

Work as a freelancer and earn money

Freelancing is a part time or full time job where you can complete small jobs and earn money. Suppose, if you are expert in video editing, you can search for video editing jobs and you can bid for it. 
There are many freelancing sites to earn money like, freelancer, upwork, toptal, fiverr, people per hour and so on. 
You can even do data entry jobs on these freelancer sites.

Earn money by online tutoring

There are many sites like Udemy to share your course and sell it. If you’re very much talented in any field, you can take as a video teaching about the topic and sell. At the same time you can also upload the same teaching video in your youtube channel and earn double income. 


These 5 ways help you to earn more money easily. So hereafter you don’t need to search for online money earning since now you know the 5 best ways to make money online. 
If you have any doubts regarding this article you can ask it in the comments section. 

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