6 easy ways to save mobile battery life


All most 98% of the world population uses smartphone atleast 6 hours per day. The development of technology is increasing day by day. Since the technology is developed the usage of smartphones and other gadgets increased. 
How to save mobile battery life
How to save mobile battery life
Smartphone companies are also developing the products battery life but still now it’s not sufficient for our people since the use the mobile a lot. There are certain people who are spending much time on their mobile than their family. 
Peoples are using the smartphone for more time and the battery life of the phone decrease. So many of them are searching for a best way to solve this issue. 
By reading through the full article you’ll be able to completely solve this battery draining problem.

How to save your mobile battery life

Saving the mobile battery does not required any applications need to be installed. Many people used to download apps to save their mobile battery.
But actually, the application which you installed to save battery will drain the battery more since it will run on the background. So please avoid downloading those fake application. 
Saving your mobile battery is very easy and it is under your control. Since you’re the commander of your mobile, you are the person who is incharge for all the issues happening in your mobile. 
If your mobile gets affected by any malware virus means, it will not get inside your mobile without your permission. By any means you’ll grant permission and thus your mobile will get affected.

1. Stop running of background apps

Running of background apps in a mobile phone is the important cause of draining your battery life. Even though if you’re not using the mobile during night, when you see your mobile morning, you can observe that the battery percentage got reduced. 
This is due to the applications which are running on background. Many applications ask for background usage. If you allow those applications, then your battery life will reduce. 
So to avoid this you should turn off the background usage of the application in your mobile settings.

2. Turn off location services

Most of the apps which you are using in your mobile uses location services (GPS) which results in the consumption of high battery. Apps like food delivery apps, taxi apps, maps, and caller identification apps consumes more battery. 

3. Close the minimised applications

Many of us used to minimise apps without closing it properly. Due to this the apps which you minimised will run on the background and thus reduces the battery life. This can leads to bursting of the phone. 

4. Don’t use other chargers

Each phone has a particular charger, which provides a right voltage to the mobile. But many of us used to charge our mobile with some other mobile chargers. This leads to the bulging of the mobile battery and thus results in the failure of the battery life.
Some peoples used remove their matter from their mobile and charge with a battery charger which can highly results in the bursting of the battery. 
Since the current is passed directly to the battery without any limit, this causes in the failure of battery life. 

5. Turn off the applications notification

Whatever the apps you download will have an ability to send notification. These notifications are the main cause to reduce the battery life. 
Apps like facebook, whatsapp, twitter send a lots of notifications regarding new friends suggestions, trending topics, recommended posts and tweets and messages which causes to kill the battery life. 
So turn of the notification of all the apps which you don’t need to get notified. 

6. Reduce brightness on your mobile

Many of us used to keep very high brightness on our mobile which results in the damage of your eyes and reduced the battery life.
Some peoples used to set auto brightness and they think that, they are saving the battery life. But it’s not the fact. It also drains high amount of battery. So maintain a low brightness on your mobile. 


Hence at this century usage of mobile phones has been increased and thus the battery consumption increased. So we need to save the batter life for long time usage.
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