As of now most of the people like to watch movies in projectors from their home, rather watching in TV. Most of them doesn’t like watching movies in TVs because of the small screen and some of them not like because it occupies some space in the living room. 
One of my friends asked for the best projector which will be suitable for home, since he planned to buy a projector. So I have tried 5 best projectors in my apartment to find which is the best of all. 
Best home theatre projectors for 2021
When it comes in buying a best projector, we should see with the whether the projector is laser or lamp based, 1080p or 4k, lumeny, short-throw, zoom lenses, projection size and so on. 
But the most important thing that we have to see is, whether it is easy to set up or not, price of the projector, audio and image quality. 
Currently there are five kinds of projectors that you can see up in your home: LED, DLP, LCD, LCOS and laser. For this research I have taken the DLP and LCD type projectors which are more common in homes. 
I also choose an DLP projector with laser light instead of bulb source, which costs around $550 to $3000. We can still apply more changes in order to get a good experience, since we have to see the budget also. Hence we have chosen the moderate price which everyone can spend. Most of the projectors which we tested were 1080p.
We have chooses the Epson home cinema 2150, which costs around $900 as the best. This projector has a good image quality and sound speakers and also it is easy to set up. 

What is the best projector?

We rated Optoma’s Cinema X P2 as our top pick for 4K because of its exceptional blend of performance and ease of use. It’s beautiful to use next to a wall while still capturing incredible images.
Especially for smaller big-screen viewing pleasures, the Viewsonic M2 Mobile Studio is the best choice. This 1080p model is the ultimate in personal pop-up theatres, yet is incredibly inexpensive.

The best home projectors

Here are some of the best home projectors

1. Optoma Cinemax P2

This second-generation ultra-short throw projector has the same easy-to-use design as its predecessor, the UHZ65UST, but trims back on specs to achieve a lower price point.
The price has been reduced, the model still provides good viewing, and the contrast ratio has been reduced from 2,500,000:1 to 2,000,000:1. The brightness has been decreased from 3,500 to 3,000 lumens, and the colour spectrum has been narrowed.
Thanks to its single chip 4K DLP device and laser light engine, the CinemaX P2 produces outstanding 4K visuals. HDR is also supported, although with a restriction.
Optoma is HDR-compliant, however it does not support set-top boxes. Although HDR is recognised by Blu-ray players and streaming media players, broadcast HDR via set-top boxes may not be recognised as HDR-capable.
When the projector is placed just over a metre away from the wall, you can expect a picture up to 120 inches. Operating noise is not as bad as one may expect, but the sound system does a good job of masking it.
A image of up to 120 inches may be expected when the projector is set just over a metre distant from the wall. The operating noise is not as awful as one might imagine, but the sound system does an excellent job of hiding it.

2. BENQ TK850

If you prefer huge displays but despise having to turn off all the lights when a major game is about to start, BenQ’s inexpensive 4K option is ideal for you. This product’s motion smoothing is incredibly good, so onscreen action appears fantastic.
Because of the incredibly excellent motion smoothing, onscreen activity appears very natural. Interpolation is provided using MEMC (motion estimation motion compensation) technology, which allows for the retention of details during quick activity.
This is a sleek box with rounded edges and a grey blue front plate, as well as lots of back connection, including two HDMI v2.0 inputs, a USB reader, and a USB power port for connecting an external streaming device.
If the device’s native 10W sound system falls short of your expectations, it features an optical audio digital output and a 3.5mm analogue stereo connection.
The TK850 has an RGBW colour wheel and a 0.47-inch DLP chipset. It’s wonderful for sports and TV, but not so much for movies. Performance at the black level is restricted and tends to dark grey.
While it’s wonderful for sports and TV, it falls short when it comes to cinematic performance. When utilising HD SDR, the black levels lean towards dark grey. However, excellent external speakers should be able to conceal this completely.
Despite the fact that the BenQ TK850 isn’t the finest choice for a movie theatre, its excellent resolution and fluid motion make it perfect for sports viewing.


There are three distinct picture presets for different sorts of games, making it easy to optimise. It has a low input latency rate (16ms at 4K 60fps) and three selectable 4K gaming modes.
There are visual options for movies and sports, with the latter providing pleasing saturation to grass and jerseys. You have Google TV (kind of – it comes with a streaming stick that you can connect to, but it’s hidden) and cinematic and TV modes.
This short-throw projector can produce 100-inch panels at a distance of 2m, making it suitable for use in a variety of settings. However, it is fairly loud to operate and has a low 5V sound system. While this is sufficient for hearing, we recommend installing extra speakers.
Although it supports HDR10 and HLG formats for HDR, it actually performs better with SDR – in HDR mode, it may not be as effective in bright rooms. However, that is no problem if you are gaming in bright rooms…


This short-throw 1080p projector is ideal for big-screen entertainment since it employs LED light sources that are cool to the touch, require little warm-up, and do not require periodic maintenance (lamp life is estimated at 30,000 hours).
With its shiny bronze wrap and offset lens, as well as an articulating stand that helps cast the picture from a low angle, this projector looks excellent. From just over two metres away, it will project an 80-inch image.
The projector’s Wi-Fi capabilities is accessed through a USB dongle housed in a compartment beneath the projector. The M2 is based on Aptoide’s Android-based smart platform, although it can only run a restricted set of apps.
Black levels should come as no surprise at this pricing point. Images, on the other hand, are clear and precise, and colours appear vivid and deep. The black levels aren’t very stunning, but this is to be anticipated.
The Harman Kardon-designed onboard sound system is ideal for spontaneous films and game sessions. It’s surprisingly loud, although it’s easily overshadowed by background noise.
The M2 projector is proof that you don’t have to pay a lot of money to have a nice projection. It’s an excellent multimedia short throw that looks well on shelf and is tiny and portable when not in use.

5. EPSON EH-TW9400

To improve the user experience with the EH-TW9400W, a wireless HDMI transmitter is supplied. The Epson TW9400W, like the EH-TW7300, employs Epson’s Pro UHD pixel shifting technology.
Through the device’s UHD projector, both 4K and HD media seem fantastically filmic. There are two HDMI inputs, USB and VGA, as well as two HDMI outputs for video, however there is no sound system (indicating that it is intended for home entertainment).
While it is bright enough for everyday use in rooms with ambient light, it is not intended to be used for movie watching. Plan on utter darkness if you’re going to see a movie. To completely fill a 100-inch screen, a projection distance of at least 3m is required.
The projector’s Digital Cinema preset now covers the DCI-P3 colour space, which is a new function. The black level performance is also strong, and the HDR option improves perceived contrast. At 24dB, the projector is also reasonably quiet.
If you need an outstanding home theatre projector but don’t want to spend a fortune, this is certainly worth considering.


We hope this article will helps you to identify the projector before you buy it. We recommend you to buy the Optoma’s Cinemax P2, since we have noticed this with a excellent features. 
Hope, this post is helpful and informative. Stay tuned for upcoming reviews and blog posts.