The ideal gaming companions for Xbox Series X may be a console and a large TV, but the finest monitor will defy that trend. Since the XSX (and S), a monitor rather than one of the greatest TVs has been the natural choice for the console gaming display.
A big portion of this may be attributed to the Series X’s 120Hz refresh rate. A new generation of PC monitors is also making a significant difference, as is the Xbox Series X’s compatibility for a broad range of resolutions, including 1440p.
Many new HDMI 2.1-compatible panels are now available, providing ample display bandwidth to handle ultra-high resolution 4K rendering at 120Hz with variable refresh and full HDR compatibility.
Many TVs are currently available with identical characteristics, however they might have drawbacks such as input latency, poor pixel responsiveness, and too aggressive picture processing.
The Xbox Series X screens, on the other hand, are fine-tuned for games to highlight what matters most, namely reaction time, minimal latency, and accurate rendering.
This implies that the finest Xbox Series X monitor does not feature SmartTV interfaces or digital tuners that aren’t necessary for gaming, resulting in a very specialised and accurate display for the Xbox Series X.
Aside from Xbox Series X displays, gaming monitors offer the entire set of functionality in a considerably smaller and more ergonomic design than TVs. For example, the top gaming displays have 4K resolution. TVs as tiny as 30 inches are available.
However, I would prefer a desk-sized package with 120Hz gaming, 1ms reaction time, and HDR compatibility, as well as a DisplayPort input, so that it can tag-team with the greatest gaming PC or gaming laptop. However, whether a console-optimized display is appropriate for you is entirely dependent on your budget, demands, and tastes.

Best monitors for Xbox series X

We have collected some of the eat monitors for Xbox series X

1. BenQ EL2870U

If you’re on a budget, you’ll have to give up something to obtain a 4K display with high refresh rates for the Xbox Series X. That item is support for a 120Hz fast refresh rate.
Given that 4K requires eight million high-quality pixels to be sent to your screen every second, 120Hz is likely to be a non-issue for many of the most visually beautiful games.
The BenQ EL2870U, a tried-and-true 28-inch 4K display with gaming functionality, is the only option. However, because it lacks HDMI 2.1 capability, it can only handle 60Hz. It also has TN panels instead than IPS. It isn’t the sharpest, and the viewing angle and contrast aren’t the finest. Oh, and it’s just 300 nits, so don’t expect your retinas to get fried.
This should not deter you from the BenQ EL2870U, however. Aside from its native resolution of 3,840 by 2,160, the unit also features a 1ms response time and ultralow latency.In reality, TN screens tend to have faster refresh rates than IPS screens.
If you’re looking for a screen that can render moving images without twitching, this is among the best. BenQ also added support for variable refresh rates over both HDMI and DisplayPort.
Although it lacks VESA HDR certification and it doesn’t support local dimming, the EL2870U’s response to an HDR signal is good, and it makes a decent desktop PC monitor, as well with the DisplayPort 1.4 port.

2. AOC 24G/24G2U

Do you have a budget of approximately $200 / £200? That does not mean that you cannot have an IPS panel that is an excellent Xbox Series X monitor for just $200. Enter the AOC 24G2 and its close relative, the AOC 24G2U.
The 24G2 and 24G2U are both basic 24-inch monitors with the same resolution of 1,920 by 1,080, or 1080p. The 24G2U comes with a USB hub, but the 24G2 is a piece of equipment that is basically the same.
They run at a speedy 144Hz, albeit you’ll only be using 120Hz of that on your Series X. They have a seriously fast 1ms pixel response time and support variable refresh rate as well as low input lag modes. There are only half as many pixels on a 4K panel, so it’s clearly a lower resolution. However, this also results in higher framerates and a lower latency.
The 120Hz display feature on Series X and the FPS Boost feature will let you use the full potential of the display in games like Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone, Battlefield 5, and Overwatch.
Although AOC didn’t promise you HDR only to let you down at the end, this is a monitor that truly supports HDR. And, despite its slim bezels, height and tilt adjustments, this monitor doesn’t look like a budget screen.

3. BENQ EW3270U

A BenQ monitor offers a multitude of excellent performance-, value-, and price-point features, but the BenQ EW3270U may be your best choice if you’re looking for an extremely attractive, budget-friendly, 4K monitor for Xbox Series X.
Even though it’s an older model and does not offer true HDR, it does support HDR input as does the EL2870U above. The display also features a VA panel that can produce 3,000:1 static contrast for stunning contrast and some incredible color vibrancy.
Despite the lack of 120Hz refresh rate here, this is still an excellent monitor. You get incredible resolution and great viewing experience in a generous package that offers 32 inches. A monitor at this price point would typically be a few inches smaller.
While it won’t fully explore the capabilities of the Xbox Series X, it does deliver quite an impressive package. It comes with great colours, an array of 4K resolutions, and a large screen.


This is why the new Nitro XV282K from Acer is the perfect companion to Xbox One X. Xbox Series X monitors offer all their next-generation capabilities in a smaller package compared to TVs.
Samsung’s IPS display ticks a lot of boxes, starting with 120Hz refresh rate over HDMI 2.1 and 1ms response time. Thanks to the use of an IPS panel, they manage a gray-to-gray response time of only 1ms.
In addition to 4K displays and 120Hz, the Series X can render liquid-smooth images with variable refresh rates at low latency. For those who are playing games with relatively low latency, such as Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PS4, this is the panel to choose.
Besides offering basic HDR capabilities, it also offers HDR 400 certification and a 400 nit brightness level. Likewise, with HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 1.4, the Nitro XV282K is the perfect partner for Acer Series X and PCs. As an added benefit, the Nitro XV282K also possesses 65W of USB Type-C charging power.
Its single-cable connection makes sharing your screen easy if you plan to use your laptop to share a screen with others. This model charges your laptop, powers your display, and connects to peripherals with one cable.
There are many adjustments available with this 28-inch monitor, including height, tilt, swivel, and even portrait rotation. It features a 7mm bezel around three sides and is one of the slimmest 28-inch monitors.
It might be a while before our price discovery technology alerts as soon as our model becomes widely available, because it is a relatively new model and only now making its way to retailers, both on and off island.


The Philips Momentum 559M1RYV is the start of a series of 55-inch console-optimised monitors from the manufacturer. Philips says the monitor stands out from other 4K TVs because of its low latency.
Monty is a full 4K monitor, which means it has HDMI 2.0 and also supports 144Hz refresh, making it the perfect TV monitor for the Xbox Series X. It also supports VRR, or variable refresh rates, which enhance the responsiveness and fluidity of the display.
This attractive big-screen option from Philips comes with a VA panel offering an excellent static contrast of 4,000 to 1, and 95 percent DCI-P3 colour coverage. Standard features include a Bowers & Wilkins soundbar as well.
There is no confirmation yet if this monitor is capable of local dimming. Without it, it would not be a true HDR display. The typical LCD monitor has a response time of 1ms, while this monitor is rated at 4ms.
No matter how this thing looks, its sheer size is sufficient to deal with any graphically intense activity, from cinematic driving games like Forza Horizon 4 to eye candy-laden escapades like Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla.