How can I trace my lost mobile


Many of us have lost our mobile atleast one time in our life. But at many cases we won’t put efforts to find the lost mobile, since we don’t know how to find the mobile. 
But finding a lost mobile is quite easy and sometimes it is tough to find. But if you put efforts to find within 30 minutes from the mobile lost, you can easily able to find the mobile.
How to trace a lost mobile
According to a research made by the researchers, it is found that, almost 3000 mobiles are missing in every 1 hour. But don’t ever install any unknown applications and provide your mobile details to find the mobile.
But there are certain useful apps which really finds your mobile. So it’s important to identify the application before using it. 

How to trace a lost mobile using GPS

If you turned on your location/GPS option on your mobile, then it’s very easy to find your mobile within 1 hour. 
Since many people turned off this option to save their battery consumption, it would become somehow difficult to find your mobile.
So turn on this option always, so that it will help you in many cases. You can easily switch it from either on the control panel of your mobile or else you can also turn it in your mobile settings. 
How to turn on gps in Mobile
How to turn on gps in Mobile

How to trace a lost mobile using find my device

Find my device is a google application which helps to locate your mobile using location service or GPS. It also helps to find your mobile using options like ringing, showing live location of the mobile by GPS. 
It also has a facility to lock your mobile by putting password to your lost mobile from another mobile if your google account is linked on both the devices. 
The application also has an another excellent feature, that you can clear all your data on the lost mobile using this application. So that if you feel that you won’t get your mobile back, you can do apply this option to prevent your data from stolen.
You can download Find my device app by Google LLC on playstore or by clicking here

How to locate your mobile using Google maps

Just follow these steps to find your mobile location. 
  • Just visit
  • Sign up with you google account that must be signed up in the lost mobile also.
  • The map will show the approximate location of your lost mobile. 
  • If the device is not connected, the map will display the previous location when the mobile connected.
You can find three options on the map with a ringing, lock and reset option. You can choose whatever the option you want, until then you would search for your mobile.
Don’t ever quit in finding your mobile. Since at any case the mobile might be connected. So don’t give up.

How to locate your mobile using Google home speaker

If you found that, your mobile might be missed within the home means, you can easily able to locate your mobile using the google home speaker if both the mobile and speaker connected with same google account. 
Just say “Hello google, find my phone” to your home speaker. It will check for device within its range and produces a ringing sound on your mobile. Even though if your phone is in silent mode or do not disturb mode, it can still produce sound.

How to protect your phone 

You should protect your phone with excellent security, such as mobile lock, backed up everything to your google drive, adding recovery details so that you can recover your data even though if lost.

Back up your data to google drive

Backup all your data to a cloud storage like google drive, so that even if you lost you mobile, you can recover your data easily.

Adding recovery details

Adding recovery details such as your email, phone number on your phone or google account makes you easy to recover any files even your phone is lost.


Thus these options helps you to easily find your lost mobile and recover data from it even though you can’t find it.
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