At this current pandemic situation, everyone wants to earn money more as no jobs are available. So, while finish reading this article you would be able to earn atleast $1000 per month easily. 

We are going to earn money using the Amazon affiliate program called the Amazon associates. At this program you have to sell amazon products just by sharing the products to customers or if you have any blog or website you can add their products banner on your site.

Amazon associates
How to earn money on Amazon associates

Currently, amazon is the one of the best and leading affiliate programs compare to other affiliate programs like click bank, share a sale, C J affiliate, ebay affiliate marketing and so on.

What is Amazon Associates?

Amazon associates is an affiliate program created by Amazon to expand their production across the world. 
Amazon Associates is the only site which gives higher commission rate for all products when compared to other affiliate program.
Even Flipkart won’t give higher commission when compared to Amazon associates

How does Amazon associates works?

The Amazon associates works on the principle of affiliate marketing. Which means, you have to promote Amazon’s products on social media or your website or blog.  Suppose your friend wants to buy an earphone worth of ₹800 on Amazon. In this situation you can copy the link on amazon of that same product and you can share to him/her. 
When your friend buy that product using the link you send to him/her you’ll get a certain commission for the product that your friends buys. 
If the product price is ₹800 then you would be able to get a minimum amount of ₹100 for that product since you are the one who have sell that product.
The Amazon part program helps content producers, distributers and bloggers adjust their traffic and secure supplemental compensation. Fundamentally, Amazon will pay you a reference charge each time a customer makes a purchase using your accomplice interface. 
The coolest part is, whether or not the peruser purchases a startling thing in contrast with the one you progressed, you will regardless get a commission as long as they got to Amazon from your original association (and as long as they make a purchase inside 24 hours of clicking it). 
To deliver traffic that you imply Amazon, you ought to have a gathering of individuals. That can come as a blog, claim to fame website, (for instance, a review page), YouTube, Instagram, and other web-based media channels. 
Even more expressly, you need to pick a subject that is significantly centered around one explicit strength that you will make or make video about, all around, to set up power.

1) Create a Website or blog

To easily share and promote you affiliate links, a blog or website is compulsory to earn more money. You can create a website or blog on Blogger or wordpress.
These are the top platform to create a blog or website easily. I recommend you to start from blogger as it is free platform to create your site on the other hand wordpress is a paid platform where you have to pay each month. 
So if you have confidence and money, you can create you site on wordpress.
After creating you blog or website you can place products banner and start promoting the products
Tip: you can add trending products and special offers and deals, so that your blog visitors can purchase the products hence you can earn commission.

2) How to sign up on Amazon Associates

It is easy to sign up on Amazon associates.
Just follow the steps given below to sign up.
  1. Search for amazon associates on your browser.
  2. Open the site and click on Sign up.
  3. You can either login with your Amazon account or if you don’t have an account you can create a new account by submitting your details.
  4. Complete all your personal details.

3) How to add payment details on Amazon associates

You’ll be asked for your bank details during your signup process. Complete it so that you can proceed to share links. After this you’ll be asked to fill in your tax details. 

4) How to submit your website/blog on Amazon associates

The next step after finishing your payment details is to submit your site on the given page. You will be asked to select your site’s niche. 
If you don’t have any blog or website you can either add your YouTube channel or you can add you social media links. 

5) Payment method

Submit your bank details on the given page so that you’ll be paid once your Amazon Associates wallet reaches ₹1000. 

6) How to get amazon affiliate links

There are two simple ways to get affiliate links of products. You can either search for the products on the Amazon associates dashboard and get the link of the product or else you can also get the affiliate link of the product on Amazon android application also just by clicking share option and clicking on share associates link.

7) How will you get paid 

Once the product is delivered to the customer you’ll be given a certain commission for that product which you promoted. 
Once you reached the threshold amount of ₹1000 on your associates wallet you can transfer the amount to your respective banks.


I am damm sure that you can earn atleast $1000 per month easily by working as amazon affiliate marketer. Since it is the leading affiliate program you can trust and earn money easily. 
If you have any doubts regarding the Amazon affiliate program you can ask write your queries in the comments section. 

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