How to earn money on swagbucks


Many of us are still searching for a best online money earning site. But you could come accross a site called swagbucks during your research in online money earning sites. 
While I start to work on this site, I feel that I can’t earn much. But it’s totally opposite. I have earned more than $200 per month. So it’s a trusted legit website where you can earn either earn as money or shopping rewards and other rewards. 
How to earn money on swagbucks
How to earn money on swagbucks

What is swagbucks

Swagbucks is an online money or rewards earning site where you need to complete simple tasks and gain your reward. Swagbucks has a good reviews in Glassdoor which is a website review site. Swagbucks is paying almost millions of dollars per day to their workers.

How to earn money on swagbucks

Ok now you have got a trust on swagbucks. But the question is how to make money on swagbucks? There are many ways to earn money easily on swagbucks just by simply completing small tasks like searching on theri web, downloading apps, completing surveys, referral program and so on. 

How to signup on swagbucks

If you want to start making money on swagbucks, there a few steps before you start earning. In that, the first step is to signup for swagbucks. You can either signup with your facebook account or else you can also sign up using your email id.
Once you entered your preferred signup method, you will be getting a confirmation mail to your email with an activation link.
After you clicking your activation link, you will be redirected to the login page. Then you can login with your preferred signup method. 

What are the best ways to earn money on swagbucks

As I told before itself, there are many ways to earn money on swagbucks easily. Let us see everything one by one.

As a search engine

This is the best way to earn more money on swagbucks. You can simply search anything on their search engine and earn money. It will be not a tough work since anyway if you want to search for anything you will be using search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. So instead you can search on swagbucks search engine and earn money as well as the result which you searched for. 
This search option will be available in the top of the swagbucks dashboard. So whatever you want you can search in this browser and earn. 
Using swagbucks browser is 100% safer than other browse since it has the support of yahoo.

Get swag codes

This is one of the ultimate way to get more money on swagbucks easily.  You need to get the swag code and enter it in the site so that you would be rewarded with some money. You can get these swag codes from either websites or even you can get it by shopping and gift cards. 
It’s simply like the concept of amazon gift vouchers. You can also find the swag codes on facebook, twitter and VKontakte. 
But the important thing is you should redeem the swag code within a specified time. Or else it will be expired and so you couldn’t redeem it again. 

Watch videos and earn

If your doing some work on your system means, why don’t you run swagbucks tv on your browser and continue your work. Yes, it’s quite easy to earn money on swagbucks by watching to their videos in swagbucks watch. 
There will be a specified price set for eash video you watch. I recommend to earn money by watching videos on swagbucks is very easy and it is the high paying task. 


Voting on polls is one of the best way to earn free SB on swagbucks. You have to just vote for the polls they give you. You can vote for anything you want. There is no other rules to be followed on this.


Surveys are another great way to make more swagbucks coins easily. A survey is a research conducted with a group of people. You have to answer your opinion regarding the topic that they give you. The surveys given to you will be either in the form of selecting the choice or you have to type your opinion. 
My recommendation is to not answer very fast for all the questions. Wait for atleast 5 seconds gap for each questions before you answer the next question. 

Shop with their offers

This is one of the way to earn more swagbucks coins. But the only thing is you have to purchase on their offers, it may in the form of purchasing any apps, products, premium subscription and so on. But anyway you’ll getting that product with the swagbucks coins. 

Refferal program

This a like a free way to gain SB coins. You should simply share your referral link to your friends or social medias. One who sign-ups for swagbucks using the link given by you. You’ll be earning a commission from the person who is referred by you. 
And if he/she makes any purchase in swagbucks, you’ll be earning more commission. 

Play games 

Playing games is one of the trending hobby around students and children. So if you are legend in playing games or you are beginner in playing games you are free to play on swagbucks and earn swagbucks coins by side. 

How to withdraw money on swagbucks

It’s quite easy you can redeem your SB coins either in the form of gift cards or in the form of paypal money. There are many top brand’s gift cards available on swagbucks, like amazon gift card. Or you can also donate to unicef, save the children and many othe trusts. 
You can withdraw your money through paypal or Payoneer.


Thus swagbucks is a legit site where you can earn money very easily. Since it is very easy, everyone can take it as a part time job and earn money. 
If you have any doubts regarding this article, you can ask it in the comments section.

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