Many of us would have read many articles and also watched many videos on youtube regarding to get google adsense approval for your website or blog. So if you’re reading this, you have entered the correct article. 
How to get adsense approval for blogger
How to get adsense approval for your blog website
So it’s very easy to get Google adsense approval if you followed certain rules. Many bloggers used to ask other professional bloggers, requesting them to get adsense approval for their website by paid service. 
But no one knows what strategy is adsense following to give approval. So in this article I have collected many unknown strategies from various professional bloggers and web developer.

How to get adsense approval

There are certain requirements needs to be followed which where given by the adsense to give approval to a site.
  1. All content must be unique and has a high value
  2. There should not be any navigation error in the blog or website
  3. There shouldn’t be any copied content or scrapped content
  4. There shouldn’t be any copyrighted material inside the article
  5. The article which you are posting should not contain any adult content
These were officially given by the google adsense and needs to followed.

Unique and high value content

The articles which you’re writing must be very unique and has a high value. It should not be copied or scrapped from other articles. 
Tip: Your article should be different than other articles. If you have trouble in writing with English content, you’re welcome to write in your mother language so that you would write it very unique than others. But when compared to all other languages, you can easily get approval for english content. 

Site navigation error

This is the top most problem faced by many bloggers. But it’s very easy to solve and is a very small problem. Just check whether you have added any broken links (link which do not redirect) or whether you have left anything empty in our site layout. 
Tip: Don’t add unknown article link in your article other than if you need any trusted website to be mentioned. Since if that article link is deleted, it is considered as broken link on your site and thus you’d get this navigation error and also your spam score increase of that article has any spam score. 

Copied content or scrapped content

Many of them or often getting this problem. If you copy articles and paste in your article means you would get this error. And even if you use rewriting tools and rewrite means also you can get this error. But you can use article rewriting tools but without even 1% of plagiarism in your content. 

Tip: Don’t just copy paste other’s article instead use article rewriting tools or paraphrasing tools, so that you won’t get plagiarism


Copyrighted materials

Many of them used to attach materials in form of pdf or jpg in their article. But it should not contain any copyrighted content in those files. If the material you’re posting belongs to you means there’s no problem.

Should not contain any adult content

Google adsense won’t approve your site if it contains any adult content. Even if you provide any files related to adult content they reject you for violating their policies.

Unknown strategies of adsense

There are many unknown strategies which adsense don’t tell officially. Inhave collected these strategies from various professional bloggers around the world. 

Minimum of 30 articles

Your blog or website should contain minimum of 30 posts before applying to adsense. You should post atleast 1 post per day so that your site will become 30 days old and also contains 30 post.

Minimum of 700-1000 words per article

According to many professional bloggers experience, each article should contain a minimum of 700 – 1000 words in each article so that it would be in high value. 

Increase organic traffic

You can increase your organic traffic if your site have high domain authority and backlinks. So try to get more do follow backlinks from other sites. But before getting backlinks from other sites, check whether that site has any spam score. If the spam score is high, avoid that site for backlinks.


If you follow these rules, definitely you will get adsense approval within 2 months. So kindly don’t go for any alternative for adsense. 
If you have any queries regarding this article you can ask it in the comments section below.