What’s the difference between LCD and LED


At first we have televisions with antenna and with a huge box. Then after the arrival of new technologies, we have got LCD TVs which are slim and produces a good clarity. After a few years, the more advanced LED TVs discovered, which produces more clarity than LCD TVs. 
Difference between LCD and LED
Difference between LCD and LED
Now the question is, How does LCD TVs differ from LED TVs? So let’s the detailed information about this. 

How Are LCD TVs And LED TVs Different?

Comparing LCD and LED TVs LED televisions – the battle has begun! This digital age is a paradigm shift from conventional LCD technology to higher-end LED technology. Many people are now switching from traditional LCD to LED displays. The primary reason behind the dramatic switch lies in the countless advantages LED has to offer its customers. We will now discuss the many advantages LCD offers over LED.

LCD displays have many advantages over traditional LCD television sets. LCD LCDs have many advantages over conventional LCD television sets. One is their superior picture quality. Most consumers do not even notice the difference in picture quality between an LCD TV set and a LED television set. LCD TVs consume less power than LED TVs, which allows LCD TVs to run at lower temperatures. The picture quality is improved by the lower temperatures. Additionally, LED TVs consume less electricity than LCD Televisions.

A second benefit LCD can offer is that it uses LCD technology rather than a fluorescent tube. Many consumers don’t realize that TV tubes generate a lot heat in humid and hot conditions. The tube can become unbalanced and the quality of the pictures may suffer. Because LED backlighting technology does not allow this, it uses large quantities of liquid crystal cell (LCDs), which draw light off the screen. The light created by the reflection of the screen light on liquid crystal cells causes the lights to be produced. Therefore, the tube no longer needs to function.


The last advantage LCD has to offer over LED tvs is price. Both LCD monitors and TVs with LED screens are falling in price. The main reason why is because LCD screens are more efficient, and more importantly they consume far less power than their LED counterparts. In fact, most modern LCD displays consume up to 90 watts of power when on, which is way lower than the wattage needed by LED displays. Even though they may not be as beautiful as LED displays, LCD displays can save money.

Technical repairs

An LCD display has a fourth advantage over an LED one: they can be repaired easily. Because both types of TV can be fixed with a remote switch, it is possible to replace a burned out bulb without having to open your TV box. Although lcd televisions come with a backlight that can be switched off, most people hesitate to change out burned-out bulbs. However, remote controls are available to make replacing bulbs easy.

Image quality

We will end with image quality. There are slight differences in the color rendering of LCD and LED displays. Most noticeable is the difference in color rendering between LED and LCD displays. Their lcds prices can’t be beat by even the best plasma screens. Samsung Televisions, for instance, can’t reproduce all colors. Because of their higher pixel density, however, this is not true for all lcd TVs.

Screen size 

Before deciding between LCD and LED, you should also consider screen size. While larger-sized LCDs will be slightly more expensive than smaller ones, they offer superior image quality and are much less costly than plasma televisions. You can also choose from a variety of technologies, including LED and LCD. Don’t limit yourself to the brand you prefer. A built-in pic in picture technology (IPT), is an option for those who want an LCD TV.

This is not an easy decision to make. Compare apples to apples by looking at their specifications. If you know exactly what you want from your television, then it won’t be that difficult to make the right decision between LCD vs LED monitor.
If you know exactly what you want from your television, then it won’t be that difficult to make the right decision between LCD vs LED monitor. 

It won’t take long to decide between an LCD or LED TV monitor if you already know what you need.You will be able to choose between LED and LCD monitors if you are clear about what you desire. When you have a clear vision of what you would like from your TV, it will not be difficult to determine which LCD or LED monitor is best for you.


Both the LCD TVs and LED TVs differ widely and has different feature, image quality, power consumption and so on. 

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